900lbs is a future-focused experience design agency who combines emerging technologies and visual content tools to bring your big ideas to life.


Our mission is to serve and empower our Clients and industry trailblazers by creating memorable experiences that drive business results.


As our Clients adapt with the exponential growth of tech and innovation, they trust us as thought leaders and digital pioneers to help them create impactful experiences that generate buzz and add business value.


As our Clients adapt with the exponential growth of tech and innovation, they trust us as thought leaders and digital pioneers to help them create impactful experiences that generate buzz and add business value.

VR Virtual Showroom Example

900lbs collaborated in close partnership with Vroom to film 15 of their “Affordable Performance” vehicles in 360º video that represent 155 vehicles in Vroom’s inventory. When a user puts on the VR headset they can navigate around the digital showroom then jump inside any car and sit in the driver seat, go on 360º video test drives and access vehicle information (year, price, horsepower, trim package, etc). A user can experience all the standard features of a website in a completely immersive new media. This is the first phase of a multiphase development plan that’ll see more features and vehicles implemented in 2017. This first phase of a multiphase development launched in a Phoenix mall as a pop up retail space allowing guests off the street to experience Virtual Reality and Vroom for the first time. The project gained national interest from Fortune, Tech Crunch, Adweek, Digital trends and others. “This VR showroom was part of a targeted campaign that saw a significant boost in web traffic,” explains Gaurav Misra, Chief Marketing Officer of Vroom.

Interactive Museum Exhibit Design

Our work with the Perot Museum in Dallas and the "running wall" interactive exhibit is just one example of our work in this area.

Augmented Reality Configurator Design

Mack Trucks engaged 900lbs to create an Augmented Reality configurator tool to be featured at the 2021 World of Concrete and Waste Expo trade shows. Ability to create and customize your Mack Truck over a physical truck, utilizing Vuforia’s model tracking feature set, powered by Unity 3D Game Engine. Users can walk around the truck without losing content. High-precision tracking allowed close-up viewing of content as close as 6 inches.

Web Based Interactive Storytelling

A web-based interactive story of Sierra Space's Dream Chaser and Shooting Star spaceplane, a multi-mission space utility vehicle designed to transport crew and cargo to low-Earth orbit (LEO) destinations Compelling transitional cinematics that emphasize Dream Chaser’s capabilities throughout the mission

AWS Interactive Storytelling

900lbs was engaged to create a multi-platform interactive experience that gives users the ability to navigate the vast amount of AWS Global Impact case studies in an intuitive, user-driven way that scales.

Complex Visual Storytelling Agency

Just some clips from the kinds of projects, including complex visual storytelling challenges, we have completed recently to help our clients across several industries.

Interactive 360 Video Touch Wall Design For Customer Serivce Centers

900lbs recently partnered with an innovative home technologies subsidiary to create a truly state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center (CXC). Our primary creative challenge was to blend scenario-based “if/then” educational storytelling per individual home network, and also free-flow exploration experiences connecting all home networks. Their audience would need to truly “feel” the power of connecting the entire system of networks in a home through a mobile app. This would include consistently blending various product sub-brands into one master brand “digital thread” throughout the center. Another creative challenge for 900lbs was showcasing the benefits of the company’s vast network of professional service contractors across each of the device types (water, air, security, energy). Our challenge would be to animate a professional service provider as a narrator avatar to guide and educate users.

Augmented Reality Interactive Gift Shop Sales Wall

This video recaps what 900lbs, an immersive and interactive experience design agency, completed for the Dallas Mavericks at Love Field Airport in Dallas Texas. The final project is an interactive, augmented reality (AR) gift shop wall inside the airport. Fans can interact with the wall via QR codes and have a more interactive experience with the team's merchandise options such as official jerseys of the team's players.

Markerless Augmented Reality Sales Tool

The client wanted to provide a glimpse into the future where customers can visualize the Quick-Step line of products in their own homes. THE SOLUTION Building on our past experiences and knowing the limitations of traditional, marker-based augmented reality, we opted for “SLAM”, a technology originally from NASA. SLAM allowed us to create a virtual scene in real-time, based on features of what the device’s camera viewed using computer vision. With this innovative approach, what the camera sees IS the marker. Using the camera feed of the space, we created a unique algorithm that allowed us to occlude objects and in real time, laying the virtual floor underneath the furniture in the room.

Augmented Reality Interactive Touch Wall And Immersive Corporate Messaging Tool

This video shows highlights of an interactive touch screen wall and immersive customer center experience project we completed for Mack Truck.

Immersive Touch Table, User Interface, And Visualization Of Services

How do we visualize services and make the intangible… tangible? How do we redesign a space that is more than 10 years old and bring these services to life? Our client’s vision was to create an immersive “wow” experience for their prospective enterprise level clients. This experience would need to reinforce their messaging while providing a better understanding of how their services could help the guests with their own business challenges. Through our science-driven Discovery Phase, we created a universally recognized metaphor of a challenging mountain climbing expedition. This provided the creative infrastructure for us to convey the vast array of enterprise services in an easily understandable and entertaining way. In order to maximize the impact of the twenty minute journey, we designed a truly compelling user interface design that represents the interconnected network of “tools” that help HPE’s clients achieve business goals.

Interactive User Experience (UX) Design Agency

Drive Shack approached 900lbs with this challenge statement, and we couldn’t have been more excited. We quickly got to work embarking on a full Discovery Phase, working through end-to-end User Experience flows, designing and building proof of concept prototypes and performing tech feasibility tests. At the end of this phase, we knew we had a proven concept and could build the applications that would allow for a flawless check-in process at each course, and a fully digital scorekeeping method.